Biker Monroe

Biker Monroe

It’s been a mission of mine to encompass all things beauty and bike- On this journey I’ve noticed ways that beauty and bike actually go hand in hand. A bit of a ‘Beauty and the Bike’ If you will.

For this look I took inspiration from the Iconic Marilyn Monroe. Her candid photography really inspired an ‘Old Money’ vibe I re-created in a more modern day setting.

Photography inspo for the shoot.

Some of the ‘Hero Products’ for recreating this look were, the Killian Paris lipstick (in shade ‘Tempting Rose’). It’s a satin lipsick that adds wonderful moisture into the lips. When riding I wouldn’t call this lipstick budge proof. but it is comfortable. Another hero of this look was the new YSL ‘All Hours Hyper Bronze’. What makes this a great under helmet bronzer is its buildability and blendabilty. However, no matter what, with enough movement (putting the helmet on and off) the bronzer/blush placement will have some budging and movement. what I’ve found helps lesson this is good priming and setting but also having a good blend-able product that you can build back up should it fade. Although I’d like to add, on none-riding days, this bronzer doesn’t budge or loose pigment, which is why its such a candidate for under the helmet.

The YSL Hyper Bronzer is both blurring and smoothing so looks absolutely seamless on the skin.


Heres a recent recreation of a Monroe look. But biker girl edition. How’d I Do? #marilynmonroe #bikergirl #makeup #makeuptransformation

♬ Katarsis – She Past Away
Here is the look on Tik Tok, along with the products used.

I ended up posing in a cafe with my Harley Davidson. Different from the original plan but it came out really on point. It not only illustrated that classic Hollywood candour, but it also felt really organic as this is usually how I go out and have a solo coffee… with both eyes on the bike at all times!


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