Biker & Creator Starter Pack

Biker & Creator Starter Pack

I get numerous questions daily on my instagram on how to create content on the go. This goes for my fashion girlies, biker peers and everyone in-between. while I am immensely lucky to have a teammate (@666haz) for some of my more professional content, for my day to day life I actually self shoot.

I am using more professional gear now, however these are some basics I think are good to get you started.

Quadlock Selfie Stick
Believe it or not, when it comes to self filming (or even filming in general), I am extremely self conscious. I have a background in modelling, yes, but I find when i’m not in a professional atmosphere I feel really awkward. Something that helps me mentally is having really easy to access low fuss gadgets. Because whacking out a vlogging camera always makes me cringe and also it’s not always easy to do when you only have a handbag or bike pouch.
I was (graciously) sent the Quadlock Selfie stick and it became a game changer for me. Especially in comparison to other tripods I have tried. It has the same mechanism on the phone case to attach your phone to the tripod just as easily as it attaches to the bike/car as usually I would find that most adjustable tripods wouldn’t fit my phone and case. Making a lot of ‘faff’ when it came to having to take the case off just to get it into the tripod.

Although the Quadlock Tripod is not tall, it has the adjustability to tilt. but alot of the time you can prop it on a wall or something if i’m honest. Also due to its size it’s easy to pack up and pop in any bag, which is the highlight for me.

Me filming on the Insta 360 on a Triumph (Daytona 660) press day

Insta 360
For on the go (riding around) I have my insta 360. Now, I love my 360, however I will add that I am a big fan of transformative content. So I use my 360 to highlight my interactions, views and more, but will often try and incorporate it into my edits in a more exciting way. The 360 comes with a great app, that allows you to dynamically edit and slice up your adventures.

The 360 is a key piece of equipment for easy content creation. Again it’s versatile and small enough to be taken around easily and discreetly.

MAG Battery Pack
Being on the go constantly and with limited packing space (especially when i’m solo filming). A MAG battery pack is a must. I’m not always at locations where I can easily plug in things to charge and being that I film a lot of my content on my phone the MAG battery packs are small, efficient and easy to use. The one I use is from Quadlock… I think I will probably get a few more, because they’re so good!

Cardo System (Packtalk Edge)
The Cardo System was one of the first add-ons I got when getting my bike gear. I would often dislike taking my eyes off the road to look at navigation, so having the Packtalk (Bold at the time) aided me in many ways. It helped with directions and also music which I used as a tool a lot of the time to keep me calm when I was learning (this is all personal preference). I shortly after upgraded to the Packtalk Edge upon its release and have enjoyed solo rides and group rides with the ability to communicate easily with other riders in my group.

(Left) Cardo System Packtalk Bold on my Bell Powersports Helmet, The Packtalk Edge on the Ruroc (Center). The Packtalk Edge on my Hedon Helmet (Right). Cardo Systems come with either stick on mount for the helmet or a clip on option, allowing you to remove the unit easier.

The Cardo is also super important to me when I am filming with my team, as they are able to call me and communicate with me as we create content.

Me with the Quadlock Handlebar Mount and Iphone Case & Cardo Packtalk Edge

Quadlock Bike Mount
Finally, one of the core accessories I will always recommend to new riders is to get yourself a Quadlock bike mount (and case). Not only are the Quadlock mechanisms so secure for the phone (great for anti-theft too) it helps to have your phone accessible on the bike.

Quadlock handlebar mount on my Harley Davidon Sporster S. The phone mounts come with different units to allow different mounting possibilities

Whilst there are other things I use such as my DJI pocket camera, the above items are what I used to get me started on my (self filming) content creation. Although most people aim for viral posts i’d say keep to creating transformative content, adding value to your niche and audience and building a community. The trap is going viral and not turning your content into something ‘monetizable’.

Hopefully this helps you with starting on your content creation way, affordably and easily. Also feel free to reach out to me personally on Instagram or Tiktok if you have any other questions!

Just start- let the path unfold


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