What Is Helmet Proof Beauty?

What Is Helmet Proof Beauty?

If you have been following me (on Instagram and TikTok) for sometime, you will know since the start of my bike journey I created a niche called ‘Helmet Proof’ beauty. I have always had questions about my make-up under the hemet and how I ‘Helmet Proof’ it, so the niche was one of the most organic niches for me to create.

Let me start by saying;
The reason it’s ‘Helmet Proof’ Beauty and not just make-up, is because ‘Helmet Proofing’ isn’t just pigeon holed to make-up, it encompasses skincare, haircare, fragrance and all things beauty related. From the skincare foundations onwards.

Now let me also add;
‘Helmet Proof’ is a more rigorous term (in my opinion) for ‘Budge Proof’ or ‘Transfer Proof’, it’s a heavy duty term (but also) a low fuss term. Even off the bike I tend to ‘Helmet Proof’ my make-up as I like to do as minimal touch ups to my face in the day.

Lets get into it:

‘Helmet’ Proof skincare is the basics of all things under the helmet. If you’re not looking after your skin as a start point, there is not much point doing anything else. Having healthy skin is the best and main way to not only look amazing, but with the skin being the biggest organ on the body, its also important to give it the TLC it needs.
Now, this isn’t something people think about a lot, but your skincare should change. I have various products for different, seasons, riding styles and activities. For example my skincare routine for day to day, is different to my riding routine. Understandably this can sound super overwhealming, but listening to your skin will actually help this be really easy. I only really swap out a few products each time, but these small adjustments has lead to massive improvements in my skin.

Main things I do when riding is deep cleansing, anti pollution serums/masks and deep moisture (at night) where as, in the day (because I have oily skin) I use things like ‘water creams’ as they contain less oil and won’t have my make-up slipping around under the helmet.

When it comes to ‘helmet proof’ make-up, similarly this changes due to circumstance, like weather & temperature for example.

I know that make-up under the helmet (ridiculously enough) can be a polarising topic. But each to their own. I want to educate here though and say, make-up under the helmet is one of the BEST things you can do to look after your face. No matter what you do you will always get bacteria in your helmet, the age old comment of “doesn’t your make up get all inside your helmet” is always invalidated to me because, make-up in your helmet that you can see and be aware of, is better than not realising the amount of bacteria that is on the inside of the helmet continuously being in contact with your skin.

Simply put: Make-up under the helmet
A) Protects your face from pollution
B) Is a barrier for your skin from bacteria in the helmet
C) Is a great visual on helping you to keep on top of cleaning your helmet lining

It’s absolutely possible to wear makeup, have nice hair and smell good while riding, it just takes a better understanding of product and types of product that require less maintenance. It’s been my understanding with a little more attention to our personal skin and body needs, a few product tweaks you can both look fabulous and have a real ‘low maintenance’ approach to beauty (on the bike).

I will have a few routines posted soon in all areas (fragrance, hair, skin and make-up). This blog is beauty, bikes and everything nice after all. In the meantime I have a ‘Helmet Proof Make-up’ (tutorial) Playlist on my Tiktok, as well as numerous Highlights, Posts and Reels on my Instagram, with a Youtube series in the works.

If you have any questions or requests please feel free to get in contact on any of my platforms!


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