Honda CL500- Really A Good City Bike?

Honda CL500- Really A Good City Bike?

This week I had the joy of taking the Honda CL500 for a spin around London. This was how it went.

Having a little shock when the bike arrived, it came kitted up with added mud guards, hand guards and a lot more going on. I decided to strip it back to its standard look, which I ended up preferring a lot more. The add ons gave me ‘bike dressed up as a stormtrooper for Halloween’ and I just wasn’t vibing with it. It had less of a classic look and more of a dirt-bike aesthetic. So when stripped back, we unveiled that classic beauty.

After reprising its natural beauty, I have to say, I’ve really enjoyed having the Honda CL500! I was actually surprised at how comfortable and fun this lil guy is!

It took some getting used to having the ignition on the side but I really took this beauty through its paces.
Being a newer edition to the Honda Family the CL500 is a fab addition to the CL line, with the original CL72 debuting back into 1962. With both in city and outer city riding this stunning scrambler style bike is both sleek and minimalist.

(Image above is how the bike arrived with white fairings and guards, which we removed)

For those in city/ new riders I think this is an awesome and nifty lil thing. I have to say I fell more and more in love with it.
It gave the impression of a hybrid of a city bike mixed with that dirt bike destined for a spot of green laneing. The soft suspension that simple ate up bumps and potholes too 😂 it was one of the smoothest and balanced rides. Also one non-negotiable for me was the heated grips that come with it👌🏽 which I believe is an additional extra.

If you’re looking for a ‘friendly’ bike, I honestly think the Honda CL500 is that. It’s got quite a pretty visage that catches the eye, a friendly yet mable riding position to range from comfort to aggressive, easily. It truly feels like a good bike to not only build your confidence but to even aid your riding ability. It’s none threatening, although a lil snatchy on the throttle it also handles easily low down in the rev range, being super welcoming to new riders (and those looking to build their riding ability).

The one thing I would say, is due to how seem-less and easy this bike is, it could grow to feel a little ‘too easy/ boring, to experienced riders that purely ride on the road.

Overall a smooth, reliable and incredibly fun machine.


How can I make a girly show out of biking and coffee please 😂 #bikergirl #beauty

♬ you are fck fabulous – ✮

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