Triumph Daytona 660

Triumph Daytona 660

It’s been a bit of a dream really, but me, yep lil ol’ me flew out with Triumph to test ride the all new Daytona 660. Now this being a soft version of a sports bike, was right up my ally as I love to share with you my real thoughts as someone newer to the industry and with maybe a little less knowledge than some of the amazing petrol-heads I got the honour of riding with. My review was more experience based, on how I felt in the ‘hands’ (or wheels I should say) of this bike.

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My thoughts on the Daytona 660.
Apart from the obvious stunning visage of the bike, let me give you my thoughts.
As someone who has only been riding a short while, this might be a helpful insight for some of you more greenies like myself.

If the Daytona 660 has caught your eye, then you are probably more interested in a sports bike. It’s almost like a soft launch into the super sports world. This bike sounds like a dream to start with. It is available in 3 stunning colour ways. It obviously is a bit of an attention seeker (especially in the carnivore red). Similar to my R7, in position and agility it’s a great entry-level sport bike with that added comfort. With a 3 cylinder engine that delivers 94 hoesepower and 51ft-lb of torque, it is quick off the mark. This bike has a wonderful level of low-down torque, allowing you to immediately immerse yourself into your ride. The ride is very comfortable thanks to the height of the bars, meaning it is more a sit up position rather than the older style daytona.

With three rider modes, it’s truly built to take on any road. The sports mode was my favourite, which had a heightened level of responsiveness, allowing it to feel nippier and extremely agile.

One thing I would say is that in comparison to other bikes I’ve ridden of a similar category, it could have done with a little more weight to the front to aid a more aggressive riding style.

At a great entry point of £8.5K it’s a reasonably priced beautiful bike.


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