Lids & Lipsticks

Lids & Lipsticks

As a biker girl and a beauty lover, I love to find make-up that works both under the helmet (Lid) and in day to day life- Although I feel that most lipsticks last wonderfully for me under the helmet, here are 3 of my favourite lipsticks and brands that really nail the longwear/ budge proof category.

Nars Powermatte Lipstick
A good lipstick is more of an investment than a splurge, but defining ‘good’ can be like finding a needle in a haystack-.
‘Enter Nars Powermatte’.
Although spending almost £30 on a lipstick can feel a bit steep, when it comes to the Nars Powermatte lipstick, it is one of my most reached for lipsticks.

Something about me is, it’s taken me a long time to actually feel comfortable wearing lipsticks and lip products. I always found that many would make me feel really uncomfortable and dry, so when trying the Powematte I was skeptical.

Having trialed the product for weeks on and off the bike, I found myself reaching of it as a daily wear. It was almost my ‘comfort lipstick’. It’s a creamy lightweight formula that is full coverage, the creamy consistency had me fooled, ‘how can something creamy be long-wear?’. (Long-wear and budge proof in my mind has become synonymous with drying. So this was a pleasant surprise). It doesn’t ‘dry down’ but to a soft powdery consistency that feels wonderfully light and not drying.

Although I wouldn’t hail this product as completely ‘Budge-proof’ it is strongly transfer resistant, it will soften with wear through the day. Though it doesn’t migrate around the face which is a key bonus but for those who like a light wear feeling on the lip, this is your gal.

Paired with sleek (colour obvious) packaging, this not only a luxurious piece to carry around, its a good daily product with longevity and comfort.

Longevity – 3/5
Transfer- 3.5/5
Pigment – 5/5
Comfort- 5/5

(Similarly, if you like a liquid application but from the Nars family, the Nars Powermatte Lip Pigment is a top performer in my collection- Also with extremely precise applicator that I have a hate love relationship with because it takes me a little longer to apply.

Longevity – 4.5/5
Transfer- 5/5
Pigment – 5/5
Comfort- 4.5/5)

Dior Forever Liquid
Wildly popular, but the splurge for sure, is the Dior Forever Liquid Lip. A definite cult fave, I was actually introduced to this lipstick via the biker lady community. Having heard it being raved about from various women I decided to purchase my own. At a steeper £37 I did have to give it a bit of a think.

Much different to the above mentioned Nars Liquid lip, the Dior Forever is a liquid formula, not much thicker than water. Having researched the product and spoken to the sales assistants in Harrods I also learned about the formula needs to be shaken for at least a few seconds before application. This is a common step that, if missed can change the results of the application. (Also, Side note. With most liquid- dry-down formulas, it’s important not to press/smack/rub lips together through the trying phase, as this too can effect the formula).

The application is smooth and the product is opaque although sometimes requires a double application, the dry down takes around a minute or two. It’s definitely less creamy and more dry than the Nars, but is still very comfortable. Being that it is a liquid formula it had a higher longevity and requires minimal maintenance.

Packaging again is beautiful and sleek. having said that the want entry point back into the product is not very snug, so if not properly secured can leak. Not easy to do, just remember to twist it tightly closed when carrying around.

Longevity – 4.7/5
Transfer- 5/5
Pigment – 4.5/5
Comfort- 4/5

Mac Locked Kiss Ink
With a huge presence in the market, when Mac Cosmetics dropped the Mac Locked Kiss Ink it was all the rave! Along with a huge shade range and a median price of £32 it seemed like an awesome contender of the ‘Helmet Proof’ niche.

All the shades are matte (not uncommon for the budge-proof category) and a liquid dry down. Slightly ticker formula from the Dior, it does feel heaver on the lips, although not uncomfortable or suffocating. Neither sticky, stiff or flakey the formula is one of my favourites.

My only gripe with this product is that if I do eat an oily food (oil removes make-up) I find the reapplication is not so seamless- although this is a rare occurrence as even though most oily meals it has only slightly faded and not required a top-up. It’s such good coverage and it dries in place that a reapplication will stick to the remaining product instead of blending easily. However it is a real challenge to remove also, which is great for longevity. I will always have to use a make-up remover to remove it so that will tell you everything about it’s longevity.

Packaging is fairly basic but you can see the colour and its a smart little bullet. the applicator is precise and snug in the packaging.

Longevity – 5/5
Transfer- 5/5
Pigment – 5/5
Comfort- 3.5/5

There are numerous other lipsticks I adore for both daily’s and under the ‘lid’ but these are 3 (4) of the lipsticks I don’t forget about. As someone who tests so much make-up I really take note of the products I lean on and keep reaching for. It shows me that thats a formula I can trust.


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