Shiseido Skin

Shiseido Skin

Shall we do a #skincaresunday moment. 

Invest in your skin. It’s going to represent you for a very long time

It’s obvious how important our skin is, and to be honest in quarantine as much as it’s an opportunity to ‘look after ourselves’ if you’ve been a bit like me, I’ve at times felt a little bit ‘uninspired’. 

Rushing through my routine at times became a norm and realised I needed to enjoy what I was putting on, to feel not only refreshed but also a sense of ‘luxe’ and to see a visible difference made me happy too. 

One range that helped me to bring my skin back on track was from @shiseido

Thanks to the lovely @kaushal I was invited to try an amazing selection of products from @shiseidouki and I’ve really noticed an amazing difference in my skin. From its youthfulness and glowyness to even the reduction of skin texture. 

Step 1- cleanse and tone with the @shiseido refreshing cleaning water 

Step 2- apply the stunning waso peel off mask 

Step 3- apply the amazing ultimune power infusing concentrate 

Step 4- apply the benefiance wrinkle smoothing cream 

Step 5- benefiance wrinkle smoothing serum 

Step 6 – and finally the benefiance eye cream. 

It was through the amazing workshop with  @shiseido I learned the value in taking time to apply skincare as it only makes sense. Taking time to nurture and perfect the base provides the best canvas. 

And as a Korean beauty brand it’s a well known fact that extra care is taken to perfect the skin in ways that provide confidence in your most natural self. Something I deem, priceless.

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