A Message To My Best Friend

A Message To My Best Friend

In the past few months even years I have been encouraged to look around myself and find gratitude where I am, see gratitude in whatever I have and be grateful for all that I am blessed with, but its days like this that arise that shines a spotlight on some things that we may often take for granted or fail to mention their key importance and impact on our lives.

From since, well, forever I have been graced by this beautiful woman, whose mere presence, be it in thought or in person breathes warmth into my very soul, she is my home.

She is vibrant and such an inspiration, undefeated, yet within her strength shows beautiful vulnerability, enough so to inspire the transparency in my own lifestyle. She has always been my first and strongest inspiration, although I am sure as I have gotten older she fails to recognise that.

When I was in Primary school my teacher once asked who our inspirations were, so many children came up with an array of celebrity names, and all I remember answering was, ‘my mum’. My love for my mum and her love for me has been a major pillar in my life, hence why I felt it was important to share this as part of my journey.

My mum, (as I am sure is the same for many out there) has been the benchmark for everything I am and aspire to be. She brought myself and my brother up surrounding us with so much love, that we all created an unshakable bond together; laughing, playing, reading and spending time with one another. We were not rich monetarily growing up, but we were rich in the rarities in life, through bringing respect, love and inspiration in every step, all of which embedded within us by our mother. She never shielded us but showed us how life is and also how everything was nothing more than an experience, but protected us by keeping herself aligned, positive and young in her ways, something that at times would have almost certainly have been hard as a young mum barely out of her teens.
Her new-age mindset, although ahead of her time inspired us in hilarious ways, as we would often ask “mum what are we doing today” which she would respond “tryyy to takke over the worlllld” which was a cartoon reference along with many others (drop me a comment or message if you know which one!!).
As time past and we got older we did most definitely try our mums’ patience, but she always would support us through whatever we chose to do, even though against the grain at times. As she grew she guided us by allowing us to question our own actions, instead of being heavy-handed or opinionated, something I respect so much of her.

Now that I am a young woman myself I love looking at the transition our relationship has made, from my mum being, well, my mum. To now being my best friend and most reliable team-mate. Of course, not everything has been sunshine and rainbows, but every experience has shown how strong she is and how there is no one I am more grateful for in my life. As a rebellious girl she has kept me in check by encouraging me to think, which at times has set my ego on fire and caused me to act up, but the more I see the more grateful I am.

Mum, never have I ever met a more encouraging, powerful, loving-to-the-core, woman as you are. You have quite literally shown me the world. You have been my biggest cheerleader and supporter, and my most inspirational muse. You have held my hand in the dark hours, you have given me your heart and soul. I hope that I have not just your good looks as I get older (as you look my age at your age!!!) but also your grace, tenacity, and pure heart. You have shown me the people who inspire you in your life and I want you to know, that’s what you already are in my eyes. Thank you for all that you are, and I

am so blessed my soul chose you.

Happy Mothers Day <3




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  1. March 11, 2018 / 10:31 am

    Oh my god Chano – this is just beyond words – xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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