Hype x Jurassic Park

Hype x Jurassic Park


It’s dropped! Hype x Jurassic Park and its epic! So for all those who know me, you know how much of a Jurassic Park fan I am and well for those who don’t, basically, I friggin love it and am such a Jurassic geek. So when this collection was set to launch, I was excited about the concept and collab, but also slightly apprehensive, as I was wondering if they would keep true to the classic or would they switch it into something unrecognisable and just profit upon the movie name.

(Image from Hype Facebook)

The launch was on the 7th of June and we were invited along down to the event space in Soho where they had set up for the launch. The event space itself was well decorated with the fashion collection viewable in sample form, a dance space and a few games such as ‘beer pong’. They managed to create a rugged urban feel as well as keeping it classy and in keeping with the vibe of the movie, with deep jungle greens, reds and blacks encompassing the venue. But of course, the feature of the event, the collection itself was the major focal point.

(Image from Hype Facebook)

The collection itself is of around 20/30 carefully designed items with a modern urban vibe that brings through the essence of the brand ‘Hype’ but keeps the classical elements of the movie (Jurassic Park). There are a few hybrid members of the collection which seem like a modern feel on the movie, but ultimately the range sticks to the classical vibe, with key pieces being the denim jacket, a definite nod to the 90’s and a black hoodie, also very classical. The collection itself reminded me of something I would have expected in an actual Jurassic Park gift shop (if the park existed) so provided great authenticity and nostalgia. A few Standout items to me were;

The Green Jungle Pullover Hoodie, This item was classical and a staple piece, easy fashion, paired with classic urban. The Dark green/black had a slight print, this added detail really added so much dimension and ruggedness to the jumper along with the vibrant and recognisable Jurassic Park logo imprinted on the front. The ‘Hype’ calligraphy down the side of the arms was a subtle nod to the brand itself, which was refreshing that it wasn’t super in your face and conflicting with the Jurassic Park logo. the choice of it being in white helped to balance out the colour palette on the pullover and rounded off the piece nicely.

The Blue Jurassic Jacket was another stand out piece. As mentioned above I love the choice to include a denim jacket in this range, it’s an awesome nod to the 90’s and encourages a realistic and nostalgic flashback vibe. the subtle hype logo on the left arm keeps branding minimal which I love as it shows confidence in design and classiness as well as having the huge Jurassic Park logo on the back it saves from distraction. This is by far my favourite item from the collection and the stiff good quality denim in the classic 90’s deep blue serves to make this item a definite collector’s piece. And, of course, the Ranger Dad Cap, which again was a timeless not to the movie, in the classical tan colours and with the classic logo,

The other stand out items that are more on the modern side of the collection were the shirts and trackies in the orange and black. These items gave a subtle nod towards the modernization of the movie and also towards modern summer fashion, the orange and black contrast really translating strongly in cohesion with the pattern. But equally, there were a few classical more subtle tone prints, very Hawaiian in vibe that were also a nod to the 90’s. Overall this collection really transcended the full 25 years and involved all visual milestones the movie has made, in my eyes.

Check out the line here and let me know what you think yourself!


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