Realine Skin Patches

Realine Skin Patches

So I’m in my mid-twenties, and although my skin is still firm and bouncy, I’ve made it a routine to look after it, with the idea that I can prevent the signs of aging, keeping my skin in good form and providing it with everything it may need, before it actually ‘needs’ it. That way I don’t have to reverse any skin ageing, just maintain it’s youth (well, that’s the plan anyway).

I was invited to try the Realine ‘Frown Line Patches’ as I have a tendency to be quite expressive with the forehead, so thought why not and as simple as they look they did surprise me.

The patch itself looks fairly simple and looks like a face sticker, so I thought what the hell, may as well see if it works. So the patches, also described as a needle-free freeze, feel slightly bouncy ( I suppose the product they have inside them creates that) and simply sticks to the forehead, of which you are to wear it for any amount of time from 30 mins to several hours (as indicated in the box). With my initial (sceptical) use I just wore it around the house for around 2 hours. It doesn’t feel like anything at all and I even forgot I really had it on, it’s lightweight and the stickiness does not pull on the skin in an uncomfortable manner so it’s pretty easy to leave on for a while. It’s also translucent so doesn’t look particularly awkward.

The patch is supposed to give the effects of a needle-free botox, to prevent lines from forming and reducing the appearance of any new lines forming, The patch is supposed to lock in the skins natural moisture keeping it subtle and nourished. (That’s as much info they had about it online, I’d be a little more grateful on knowing more details on the how, and the difference between this technology to actual botox.)

So after a few hours of me having the patch on I peeled it off, and to my surprise, my skin did look super smooth and hydrated. Although I don’t have any wrinkles yet, it did incredibly reduce the skin texture that I could see normally before. As a result, I have tried this product a few times since then and each time it has left my skin smooth and reduced in texture.

This product has given my forehead a great hydrated sheen, something I didn’t realise was something I was lacking until I tried it. At a price of £28 per pack (of 30 treatments once recommended daily for best results) I would probably (at my current age and need) not use it every day but probably a few times a week, as I get older I may increase that use, but I am glad to have tried it and will be recommending it to family members to try. The company also does patches for crows feet (£28), eyes and smile lines (£48) and from my experience with this product, it would be interesting to see if there is any difference or even texture improvements with those products too. It’s awesome to know there are needle-free solutions out their and that for younger skin and that people who are not desiring to go for botox, but would like to try a similar result, have these options available to them. I’m not sure (as I’ve not ever had botox) if the results are comparable to full on botox, all I know is what I imagine botox to look like, seemed like the result I obtained with my soft smooth and somewhat textureless forehead post-treatment.


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